Investor Relations

Kangqiao Service Group Limited

SINCE 2010

Kangqiao Service Group Limited (“Kangqiao Service” for short) is a property service provider with national level-1 qualification, a director member of China Property Management Institute, a deputy secretary-general of Henan Property Management Association and a vice president of Property Management Association of Zhengzhou.

Company Profile

Kangqiao Service is a leading comprehensive property service operator in Central China and well-known across the country. The properties it manages include residential properties, commercial properties, office buildings, industrial parks, and public properties. It has been voted among China’s Top 100 Property Management Companies by China Index Academy for seven consecutive years since 2016, and ranked 29th in 2022. 

Based in Henan, Kangqiao Service continues to seek national expansion and has established presence in 31 cities in eight provinces, including Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hebei, Hubei, Guangdong Shandong and Shaanxi.


Kangqiao Service has deeply explored the development of urban civilization, and focused on the two core values of "Yue” Service" and "Zhi" Technology. We manage all types of properties for clients of all age groups in all service scenarios, covering the entire life cycle of real-estate development, and empower modern management with smart technology. We are committed to serving local communities and social governance, and strive to create more value of property services in the new era and meet the people’s aspiration for a better life.